The Useful Lifespan of Your IT Assets

upgrade your office computerIf it was built yesterday, chances are it’s obsolete

Your company doesn’t handle any graphic services. None of your departments do video or image editing, sound processing or any kind of activity that would require a high amount of computing power. You need just the basic services from your computers: to be able to edit texts, to send emails and handle a few other forms of only communications and to run the very simple business database.

So why should you consider a hardware upgrade?

The problem with computers is that they’re a symbiotic organism. Just to operate, they require for a great deal of parts to coexist. Hardware components need to be compatible with one another, software needs to compatible with other software applications and in the end, the whole that is the hardware needs to collaborate with the whole that is the software.

Software upgrades are easily done. An internet connection is all that’s required for an application to be kept in the present. Hardware, however, needs to be changed the old fashioned way.  This is how conflicts appear.

Because the hardware is a static component it’s very hard for it to keep up with the software. In truth, while software has moved on to the digital, as far as accessibility goes, hardware is still stuck in the past. Driver updates can only go so far before they reach the technological limitations of the physical component.

That’s why it’s very important to keep a close eye on your company’s hardware assets and make sure that they can handle all the software revolutions. If your computers are 2 years old or more, you should seriously start to consider investing in a hardware upgrade.

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